Customized Value-Added Features

While DACO’s expertise is in the area of advanced laser shutter devices, we offer additional services to more specifically tailor the solution to a customer application. The following are examples of some of the additional customization that DACO can provide.


DACO offers a variety of connectors for quick and easy assembly, allowing a customer better plug & play flexibility at a very minimal cost. We are equipped with machines and die sets and specialize in JST & Molex to name a few.

Shutter Finish

DACO can adjust the final surface finish of each shutter to meet the requirements of a customer’s application. These finishes range from plain aluminum, to anodized & painted black shutter from high emissivity, to polished or gold plated reflective surfaces to accommodate a wide range of laser wavelengths.

Closed Loop System

Do you know where your shutter is? For critical applications where it is important to know the location of the shutter, DACO has introduced our closed loop feature that provides an external signal indicating the location of the shutter. We can have up to 3 feedback sensor configurations to allow for systems that need redundant signals to satisfy stringent regulatory requirements.