Advanced Laser Shutters

DACO is best-known for its advanced laser shutter devices. These devices are designed to be laser or “beam blockers” for a host of applications.

These units are comprised of solenoid body and the shutter. Any application that requires a rotational motion to block or interrupt a beam is a potential candidate for our Laser Shutter Devices.

Product Classes

We design and manufacture two main product classes of advanced laser shutter devices:

Bi-Stable Shutters — Pulse-driven shutter devices that move and stay at their on/off positions until they receive the reverse pulse to move to the other position.

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DACO Bi-Stable Shutters

Spring Shutters — Power-driven shutter devices that only move when power is applied. No power returns the device to the off position.

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DACO Spring Shutters

Common Applications

  • Medical
  • Spectroscopy
  • Thermal/Infrared Imaging Cameras
  • Fiber Optics
  • Aircraft Instruments

Available Sizes

Various sizes of solenoids/shutters are available. DACO focuses on custom miniature solenoids with specific sizes ranging from 0.38″ to 0.50″ diameter. We have, however, the capability to design any size/shape of the solenoid/shutter that’s required for your application. Our core focus is with custom solutions for our customers. Contact us for more information of how DACO can deliver for you.