Corporate Overview

The Name You Know

For over 75 years DACO has been recognized as a leading provider of value-added products. Founded in 1929, the company started as a manufacturer of aircraft gearing systems. Today, we design and manufacture, advanced laser shutter systems, rotary solenoid devices and aircraft instrumentation for thermal imaging, spectroscopy, fiber optic networks, medical systems and aerospace applications. Our products have been refined to be the best available in the market.

DACO is part of the Alinabal Group of Companies. Alinabal is a broadly diversified manufacturer with history reaching as far back as 1913 when it supplied laminated materials for the Ford Model T.

The DACO reputation has been built one client at a time. Our customers continue to choose DACO because of the attention we give each client’s project. Our engineers can help you discover new ways to reduce cost, or improve quality with your designs. We have the experience to deliver products that meet your most demanding specifications

As an Alinabal company, quality is our first concern. We have implemented the “Alinabal Total Improvement Process,” or ATIP for short. ATIP leads us to continually improve the quality of work-life for our people, the way we do our jobs, and the service we provide our customers.